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Site Problems > [SOLVED] I uploaded a torrent but i can

You are in:  Forums / Site Problems / [SOLVED] I uploaded a torrent but i can
aymen174 Posted at 2017-08-23 22:04:21(5 months ago )

Posts: 1
Location: Algeria

Hi there,

I have uploaded a torrent but when I search for it I don't find it but I can get to it directly


What's the problem ?

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TheStrength KronosPosted at 2017-08-29 20:49:14(4 months ago )

Posts: 130
Location: unknown

Hi there, A link you've added it's not working.


Sorry no .torrent found with this ID, it has probably been deleted.

And here is the working link of that torrent: http://glostatus.pw/lynda-gulp-js-git-and-browserify-web-project-workflows-f-2734462.html
And see i can search it with title: http://glostatus.pw/search_results.php?search=Lynda+-+Gulp+js%2C+Git%2C+and+Browserify+-+Web+Project+Workflows&incldead=Search

Addional: No worries bud, link was dead and you mistakely added dead link instead of working link. And when ever you search torrent just make sure to use correct key words. Good luck! :)

LAST EDITED: Thread Solved + locked because author lost access to dead link. Now it's all good. Kindly PM me if topic still not solved or you need further anwser to this topic So i will unlock your thread.

Last edited by TheStrength Kronos on 2017-09-03 20:58:35

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